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Skin tags are harmless flaps of skin that grow primarily under the arms, behind the knees and sometimes around the eyes. Although they can be found on any part of the body they are most likely to form in the areas mentioned.  


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Some folks are more prone to skin tags than others. There are no known concrete causes for skin tags but it is generally agreed upon that genetics does play a roll.  


Most people that have skin tags report that they can be a nuisance. They can become irritated especially if they are located in areas that rub against clothing and other body parts. They can also be  a bit unsightly.  


There are a host of skin tag removal products on the market that can make quick work of ridding skin tags.  



Over the Counter Products 


The most common skin tag removal products also double as wart and mole removal products as well. The majority of these products can be found at most drug stores and even some big box stores and grocery stores.  


Typically most skin tag removal products can be found for under twenty dollars. Most of these products work because they contain acid. These compounds usually require that you swab the product directly on to the skin tag.  


Depending on the acid content these preparations will take any where from a few days to work to a few weeks to work. Of course the higher the acid content the quicker the product will work but the more likely it is you may cause damage to healthy tissue around the skin tag. The lower acid content products take a bit longer to work but are safer to use.  



A Word About Using Skin Tag Removal Products 


One of the key things to remember is to follow directions to the letter. It is important that you only use the product as directed so that you do not cause any harm to yourself.  


Most skin tag removal products are very safe and easy to use, but you always want to proceed with caution. 


Never use commercially prepared skin tag removal products around the eyes. Most manufactures will present clear warnings about using these products around the eyes with good cause. You can severely and irreversibly damage your sight.  


As long as you follow the manufacturers directions on the label you should be rid of your skin tags quickly and easily.  


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