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Skin Tag Removal Home Remedy


There are plenty of skin tag removal home remedy options. They are all geared toward the same goal, getting rid of that annoying skin tag. Of course some remedies are much quicker than others. Almost all are very effective. 


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Skin tags are harmless out growths of skin. Once they are gone they are gone, they do not grow back in the same spot, if it does than it is strongly recommended that you seek medical advice. If this is your first skin tag you also might want to see a dermatologist just to get confirmation that what you have is in fact a skin tag and nothing more. Once you are sure that it is simply a skin tag you can easily opt for a skin tag removal home remedy.



Before You Begin


A good rule of thumb is to keep the area super clean before you try any skin tag removal home remedy. You can accomplish this by simply using a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and wiping the area.


You also want to make sure any tools or implements that you use are also clean to avoid infection.



Alcohol or Vinegar


There are a few chemical options to use for your skin tag removal home remedy. You can simply use alcohol to dry up the skin tag. You soak the skin tag with alcohol and cove it up with a band aid. You repeat the same steps each day for about two weeks.  Over the course of about two weeks you can expect the skin tag to shrivel up and die.


Some folks feel that the alcohol irritates the surrounding skin; in this case you can use vinegar, which works equally as well. Same steps soak a cotton ball in vinegar and douse the skin tag and cover with a band aid.



Baking Soda, Castor Oil and Vitamin E


Another skin tag removal home remedy is to combine baking soda and castor oil and mix into a paste. Same as above you saturate the skin tag with the paste and cover it up, do it daily for about three weeks until it falls off.


Vitamin E can also be used to rub into the skin tag. You rub in the vitamin E and cover. Same theory, you repeat the process daily for a couple of weeks until the tag falls off. .



Add a String


If you are opposed to painting or soaking, you can tie a string around the base and forget about it until it falls off, this might be the slowest method, but is the worry free method of skin tag removal home remedy. If you combine the tie method with the paint method things will move a long at a quicker pace.



Just Clip it and be Done


You can just clip it off and be done with it. That is exactly what they would do at the doctor’s office. Simply tie it off at the base, use a set of nail clippers that have been soaked in alcohol and clip it off. Total time about three minutes from prep to finish.


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