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Skin Tag Removal Freezing


Skin tag removal freezing is called cryotherapy in medical terms. However, there are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to removing skin tags.


Getting rid of a skin tag maybe a lot simpler than your doctor is leading you to believe. A skin tag is a simple out growth of skin. It is completely harmless; you will not suffer any repercussions from having it removed or removing it yourself.


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There is a range of options for removing a skin tag. All of the options can be performed at home. The process is relatively simple no matter which option you choose, but some options are easier than others.


In the doctors office the doctor will do one  of two things to remove your skin tag, they will either cut it off or they will do a little skin tag removal freezing, both methods are painless and permanent. You can also do both at home.


How to Freeze Off a Skin Tag


Skin tag removal freezing has nothing to do with the cold. It is actually a chemical process that is relatively simple. Both the doctors office and at home treatments are going too be completed with the same process. A simple blast of liquid nitrogen takes care of the skin tag in painless way.


The doctors office will probably have a large canister of liquid nitrogen, while you at home will have a small can no larger than a few ounces.  Most doctors will submerge a pair of forceps into the nitrogen than place the forceps on the tag this prevents the surrounding tissue from coming in contact with the nitrogen and becoming injured.


The surrounding skin should be protected from the liquid nitrogen to prevent damage to the tissue. You can do this at home with a little plastic wrap covering the surrounding skin or a piece of duct tape. The agent that you will use at home is typically made to remove warts and will come in a spray can. In some cases the larger skin tags may have to have the process repeated a couple of times before the tag will respond.


It typically takes from one to two weeks for the tag to fall off after the skin tag removal freezing.


Benefits of Freezing


Freezing is one of the most popular methods of removing a skin tag, because it is relatively painless and does not cause trauma to the skin the way clipping it off does. It also does not open up the skin so there is a reduced incidence of infection.


It also may cost less at the doctor’s office to have the skin tag removal freezing than it would to have the skin tag removed surgically by clipping it off.


Skin tags are not harmful and it is uncertain what the cause is, they can be a bit irritating though because they typically develop in the folds of skin, so having them removed is important when it comes to comfort. Skin tag removal freezing is an easy solution for getting rid of these unsightly skin tabs and restoring comfort.



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