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Skin Tag Home Remedy


Finding the perfect skin tag home remedy is largely going to be directed by what you feel comfortable with. There are plenty of remedies out there to choose from finding the right one requires just a bit of research and is dependent upon your personal level of comfort.



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 A lot of folks simply cut off their skin tag. The process is simple enough, there is not much bleeding to be concerned with and it is gone in a few seconds. Of course there are some people that simply do not feel comfortable with cutting things off their body.


There are quite a few home remedy options besides simply cutting it off.



Freezing it Off


There are over the counter preparations that you can buy they will freeze off the skin tag. This can be done in the privacy of your own home. The process is very easy and only takes a few minutes.  The kit is sold in the stores and contains everything that you will need to freeze off your skin tag.


Usually you simply spray the preparation on the skin tag and it will fall off in a week or two, for larger skin tags the process may have to be repeated a few times for it to be effective. The kit usually costs less than twenty dollars and it is an effective skin tag home remedy.



Wart Remover


A little known secret is that many wart removal preparations that are sold can also be used to remove skin tags. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and apply as you would to a wart. The skin tag will fall off in a couple of weeks.


These preparations are made with a low grade acid and will in essence burn off the skin tag. It is a relatively painless procedure that is quick.



Other Home Remedies


Skin tags rely on a blood supply through their stems. You can get rid of a skin tag by cutting off the supply. A string tied around the base will do the job. This is a great skin tag home remedy, because it does not involve any agents, and it is something that anyone can do.


You can use this process on any part of the body with out fear of causing harm, especially in the eye area. You can also try wrapping the skin tag tightly in a piece of duct tape, changing out the duct tape each day as the skin tag gets smaller and smaller.


Skin tag home remedies range from store bought preparations to cutting them off to simply tying a string around the base.  Most all of the remedies are effective, the difference lies in the amount of time that it takes and your level of personal comfort.

Finally there is a list of agents that you can use as part of your skin tag home remedies choices. You can swab your skin tag with any of the following agents and it will eventually fall off; alcohol, vinegar, castor oil and baking soda paste and even finger nail polish.


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Skin Tag Home Remedy

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