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Remove Skin Tags at Home


You can remove skin tags at home! Most folks that suffer from this little out growths of skin find them to be more of nuisance than anything else, although some people do report that they are irritating.



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These unsightly little flaps of skin occur primarily around the eyes, knees and elbows. It is thought that they might occur from the skin rubbing together.  Largely though the cause is completely unknown as to why they form. It maybe that they are simply a genetic trait and are completely unavoidable.


There are a couple of options for the removal of skin tags. You can go see a dermatologist, who is a skin specialist and spend hundreds of dollars in the process, or you can try to remove the skin tags at home which will cost you anywhere from nothing to maybe twenty dollars depending on the method that you choose.



Things to Try At Home


The absolute simplest thing to do at home to remove your skin tag is to clip it off.  The skin tag is an out crop of your skin but it does not contain any nerve endings so the process is relatively painless. You can either use nail clippers that have been sterilized and wiped off with a good antiseptic or you can use a pair of small scissors that have been sterilized or wiped off with a good antiseptic.


You can sterilize either tool by boiling it in a pot of water for fifteen minutes, dry it off by letting it sit on paper toweling and than wipe it off with an antiseptic just to be sure right before using it. You can give which ever tool you decide to use a quick wipe with an alcohol soaked cotton ball.


Use a piece of dental floss to tie around the bottom of the skin tag and clip right above the dental floss. Be prepared to see a little bit of blood. Simply apply some pressure and cover with a band aid after you dab a bit of antibiotic ointment on the spot.


You can also tie dental floss to the bottom or the stem of the tag and wait a couple of weeks for the tag to die from lack of oxygen and it will fall off on its own. You can speed the process up by swabbing the skin tag with alcohol once or twice a day.



Some Other Options to Remove Skin Tags at Home


Apple cider vinegar works wonders on skin tags. Simply paint the skin tag with apple cider vinegar three times a day and it will shrivel up and fall off. Please do not attempt to use this method on skin tags around the eyes; it could really cause some damage to the eyes.


To remove skin tags at home you can also try the over the counter preparations that are sold for the specific purpose of removing skin tags. There is no need to pay a dermatologist hundreds of dollars, once you are sure that what is going on is a simple skin tag you can easily remove skin tags at home.



Click Here to Remove Skin Tags at Home


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