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Remove Skin Tags Yourself  


Skin tags are little outgrowths of skin. Typically they are small tear dropped shaped folds of skin. There are no known causes for skin tags, in most cases they are completely harmless but most folks find them unsightly.  


You have a couple of different options for getting rid of skin tags. You can go to a dermatologist and have them removed in the office. The dermatologist will freeze off the skin tag. The process is painless and usually very effective.  


You can also remove skin tags yourself using a number of top recommended skin tag removal products. At home skin tag removal processes can range from using items you already have in your medicine cabinet and cupboard to purchasing an over the counter skin tag removal kit.  



Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tags Yourself 


The simplest way to remove skin tags yourself is to use duct tape! Believe it or not if you simply take a small piece of duct tape and tape it around the skin tag and leave it on for a week or two the skin tag will die and drop off.  


Some folks recommend that you use apple cider vinegar and duct tape. The apple cider vinegar is acidic and will speed up the process.  If you really have some guts you can simply snip off the skin tag with a pair of scissors. Some people report that they simply shave theirs off with a razor.  


It is strongly recommended if you opt for the snip it method that you use sterile scissors which can be achieved by wiping the scissors off with alcohol. Following up the snip with some antibiotic ointment in the area and a band aid is also a good idea.  



Over the Counter Aids 


Most wart removing compounds will also work on skin tags. You will have to paint the skin tag with the compound and usually cover it. You can expect to see results in a couple of weeks. You want to take care when you remove skin tags yourself using wart removal compound that you do not allow the compound to come in contact with the surrounding skin. You do not want to damage healthy skin.  


As a rule of thumb is you opt to remove skin tags yourself, you may want to start with the least invasive treatment like the duct tape. If you do not see any progress using the duct tape than you might want to add the apple cider vinegar.  


To remove skin tags yourself the safest method is always the best. You should never remove skin tags from around the eyes using any at home method, it is best to seek professional help with these skin tags.  



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