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How to Remove Skin Moles  


Skin moles are bumps on the skin that are largely genetic. If your parents or grandparents had skin moles than the chances are that you will too. Of course unlike other skin affliction skin moles have to be watched carefully. They can be the early signs of skin cancer.  


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Most people once they get the clearance from the Dermatologist that their moles are nothing more than benign lumps want to get rid of them.  Going to a Dermatologist for the removal of moles can get really expensive rather quickly. You can expect to spend up to $300 per mole at a minimum to remove your moles using a Dermatologist.  



At Home Remedies 


You have two options for removing skin moles at home. You can try the all natural route using items typically found in your cupboard, or you can buy a prepared compound from your local drug store.  



How to Remove Skin Moles Using Natural Remedies 


One of the best ways to rid yourself of skin moles at home is to use a compound prepared by mixing baking soda and castor oil. You take a few drops of castor oil and mix it with some baking soda to form a paste. You want to make sure the consistency of the formula is not to runny, but instead think enough to sit on the mole without dripping off.  


You can apply this formula to the moles that you want to rid yourself of at night before bed time. The best part of using this compound is that it is safe! You can easily wipe it off the area around your mole that you do not want to cause any harm to. There is no burning sensation either with this method.  


Another easy how to remove skin moles using natural remedies is apple cider vinegar. You simply swab the mole/s that you are trying to remove with apple cider vinegar twice a day and let air dry. In about two weeks you can expect the moles to fall off.  



How to Remove Skin Moles Using Store Bought Remedies 


Most wart removing compounds will also remove moles. Store bought remedies differ quite a bit from the natural remedies in that they work quicker but are a bit more dangerous to use.  


Wart removing compounds contain acid to remove the wart this same acid can be used to remove moles as well. Of course you have to take extra care not to get the compound on healthy tissue surrounding the mole or you may cause damage to healthy tissue.  


The process using either natural remedies or store bought remedies is easy enough as long as you follow directions and the money that you save will certainly be worth the effort.  


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