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Dermasil Reviews – Is Dermasil a Scam?  


The Dermasil review shows that this is a well known brand name when it comes to skin care products. Dermasil skin tag removal serum it purported to work in two weeks or less when all directions are followed correctly.  



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Most folks that have reviewed this product have sorely disagreed with the manufacturer when it comes to the effectiveness of the product. Evidently the product has a foul odor that many folks find a bit repugnant.  




Overall most folks have found this formula to be less than effective, the ingredients are not readily available and this poses a concern to some folks as well. Dermasil Skin Tag Removal does not offer the same money back guarantee that is offered with the other Dermasil products.  




The cost associated with this product is reasonable at $28.95 per 10 ml which is right around the industry norm, but if it does not work that same $28.95 can be very expensive.  


What Consumers Had to Say! 


One of the best gauges of a products effectiveness is what other users are saying about it. Typically if it works for most people than it is a good sign. If many people are complaining about a products effectiveness than the sign is not very encouraging.  


At an angry consumer left the following tid bit “I have had this product since the beginning of the month and it hasnt done a single thing except make me hate the smell of this product! Ive tried every possible method of using this stuff from scratching it and applying it to just drenching the skin tag with this product. It is utterly useless.. Save your money!” 


And another unsatisfied consumer left this ranting “This product does not work. I used it day in, day out, every morning and every night, for weeks. There was no change AT ALL in my condition. I have normal, garden variety skin tags and according to the Dermisil hype, they should all be gone by now. [...]” 


The list of negative comments seems to be endless there were one or two folks that were satisfied, but that was a rarity.  


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This product does not seem to work for most people. The smell has been commented on in many of the consumer reviews as being pungent. However, the Dermasil reviews shows this to be a viable product and is not a scam. 

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